Strictly Average MTG

Strictly Average was a concept me and my buddy Dylan and I came up with a few years ago, and it has taken some time to get off the ground. The idea was that we were just Average dudes, who spent way too much time learning and practicing magic.  We thought maybe some others could gain value from our analysis of things. The goal is to record a podcast, and provide content on a weekly basis, but until that can take off, you will have to settle for blog posts.

Anyone who listens to Limited Resources, or have heard Marshall or LSV on coverage, have surely heard them use the term Strictly a lot.  A card is strictly worse than another.  Or a play line is strictly better.  The terminology has permeated all aspects of the Magic community, and it has become a staple term.  We felt that our take on it, Strictly Average, was the best possible description of us.

Recently, I have found my way back to  Puca is a site revolving around trading Magic Cards, for points.  Points that you can use to get cards from other senders.  If you are unfamiliar with Puca, stick around.  My next many blog posts will cover topics related to Puca Trade, and how I am using it to fuel my addiction.  The TLDR; of the story with Puca is that the site took off like a rocket.  It was the go to site for online trading.  After the site peaked, it seemed to die out just as fast.  Due to a series of unfortunate events, and bad shit that I will not list out here, the site took a serious hit in the economy, and faith in the system was lost.  I myself had lost faith, and almost cashed out.  This was after being a successful ‘power-trader’ since Feb of 2015. I will come back to this, as it will span many posts over a long period of time.


A bit over a month ago, I was talking to guys at a local shop, about how they were making a killing on Puca.  They were buying peoples points at nearly half value, and actually using the site to get staples that they wanted. Their secret, was they joined the Puca Discord community.  They were getting points for cheap, and turning them into cards they wanted.  This is because they lurked in a chat room, and discussed trading with other users who wanted Puca to take off again.  I decided to join up the Discord community, and in the past month, I have sent more cards than I could ever have imagined.

When I joined Discord, I decided that using my real name bothered me, incase I pissed someone off, so I decided to revive the name StrictlyAverage for use on chat, and for my Puca Profile name. Yeah, I know… I hadn’t full thought this through.  If someone wanted to get all my details, they could have just committed to send me a card, and they would have all my details.  The persona was reborn, and is alive and strong amongst the Puca Community. In the past 30 days, I have sent roughly 200,000 puca points ($2,000) in cards.image Many people reach out to me for advice, because they see me receiving cards that they wish they were getting.  This is the primary driving force for me to get the blog off the ground.  So although the end goal of this blog is to cover many things Magic The Gathering related, for now, I will be writing a lot about trading, shipping, and receiving great stuff on Puca.

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