Jack’s Magical Christmas

One of the greatest joys as a Dad is sharing the things that bring us happiness with our children.  It’s no secret that I love the game of Magic, and as soon as my son was old enough to understand I tried to get him involved.  Throughout the years I’ve bought him a few different preconstructed decks to mess around with, but the time was coming when he’d outgrow those.  It was right around the Kaladesh release when he started showing more interest in playing. He told me he wanted to start playing FNM events with me. I ran out and bought the two freshly released Planeswalker decks. I told him that we’d practice with those decks until he knew all of the abilities and could navigate the games on his own and then I would upgrade him to a more powerful deck.

I started to plan for the deck upgrade. One afternoon, I came up with the idea of building a deck of cards for Jack, acquired purely from fellow Puca Trade Discordians.  I found a Green White Vigilance list that I really liked, and made some 8-year-old friendly adjustments. I posted the 51 cards that I’d need for the deck on my Want List, and let people on Discord know what I was doing.  The trade commitments started coming in, and someone in chat suggested a great idea – to have people sign/doodle the cards for him so he would have reminders of all of the people who sent cards for his gift. Seeing these cards come in really made me smile.


Somewhere along the way, one of the elves floating around Discord let Santa Freytag (not to be confused with Satan Freytag as referenced in an earlier blog post) in on my plan.  Not only did he commit a card for Jack’s deck, but he also decided that a deck made for my son from cards sent by Puca Traders wasn’t enough.  He shipped him sleeves and a playmat to go along with his Christmas Gift.



Out of all of his Christmas gifts this deck is by far Jack’s favorite. He spends almost every waking hour gold-fishing it. I ‘ve combined his planeswalker decks into a deck to play verse his GW deck, but as he is getting better with it I am finding the planeswalker decks to be strictly worse than his Puca Deck.

Drive a Tranquil Bargain Friends.


  1. Going to FNM with my son (10) and daughter (11) has been the best part about getting back into Magic this year. Have fun Jack and I hope your local store group is as nice to you as mine is to my kids.

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