Strictly Short – Have blade. Will travel.

The following was submitted for the Strictly Average site from CNWeezard, an active trader on Puca Trade and fixture in the Discord chat channel.

The Nexus on Puca Trade is a glimpse of which cards are received daily. If you watch it for any amount of time, you may have noticed an irregular number of Topan Freeblade flowing through in the month of December. OK, honestly, an absurd amount of them. We have one great trader to thank (blame) for that, Mr Strictly Average himself.

The real question is: why? What reason does he desire these little gems? The art is fantastic, no doubt. A pet card, perhaps? It was a solid choice in limited, but what use could they server now? The reason is beyond all of these, and something more fun. Strictly Average has devised a plan to show that we are all part of a community; solidarity if you will.


He’s been sending Freeblades as extras with his packages, and asking the recipients to sign them and ship them out in their next trades. I received a few recently and have since sent one to Oregon and Brazil. The hope is that participation by a vast number of Puca Traders, passing these Freeblades along will show our appreciation for the site and its fellow members. I’d love to receive a Topan Freeblade full of signatures so that it may live forever in my Sigarda, Heron’s Grace Commander deck as a testament to the good work that Puca Trade has done for me.

Are you ready to get involved? Here’s how; should you receive one of these wandering Freeblades, please sign it with your user name (or real name) and send it along to the next trader. You can even be so bold to post something to one of Puca’s social media pages, using #HaveBladeWillTravel. We want to see these Freeblades moving across the globe, wearing countless names. Show the MtG world that Puca is still strong, and that many of us remain dedicated to the Give and Let Give philosophy.


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