Announcement -Patreon Goal #1 Met

I am super excited to announce that we have reached Goal #1 on our Patreon. As a thank you to our current patrons and future patrons we have launched our Hall of Supporters page. Reaching Goal #1 means that I can move my hosting to a paid service and benefit more from the clicks and traffic that comes to the site. In the near future I will be moving the blog over to my own domain.

Goal #2 is really close to being reached.  From my side, it looks like we are about $6/month away from Goal #2.  Once we reach this goal I will be able to begin hosting MTGO Streams and Videos.

Directly from our Patreon page:


Heyooo friends. Its me Strictly Average, also known as Jeremy to my non-MTG friends and family.  I recently launched a blog revolving around the game of Magic the Gathering.  The blog was inspired by my success at trading paper cards for virtual currency on, and working to be a positive force in the Pucatrade Discord community.  I began simply by answering questions in the Discord chat and helping new traders.  After answering the same questions day in and day out, I decided it was a good time to start creating content I could direct people to.  The feedback and popularity of the blog has been amazing. Due to the support my blog has been receiving I have been inspired to do more.

This is where you come in. I have invited you to join me on this journey and assist me to create more content that you love.  Help me, help you as the saying goes. The concept of the Patreon is so that I can expand the content I can offer.  Currently the blog is hosted on a free server because Magic and creating content for the game is a hobbie, and I have a family to feed.  There is much more I want to offer, more frequent posts, MTGO streams, YouTube Videos, and a podcast. Every donation, even a $1 a month will get me closer to our goals.



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