Announcement – Jan/Feb Patron Giveaways

I have posted a new post over on the Patreon outlining the Patron giveaways for January and February. These are some pretty neat giveaways and I look forward to sending out sweet gifts.  If you have any feedback on these giveaways or questions about becoming a Patron, feel free to send me a message from the Contact Us page.

Standard Patron Giveaway
As promised, every Patron will get one entry into a random pool for a giveaway of 1,000 Puca Points, 10 MTGO tix ,or a card of a similar value of my choice. The winner will be notified and will let me know their choice of PP, Tix, or card prior to me announcing what the card is.

Premium Giveaway

Premium Giveaway is for Uncommon or higher Patrons. Each month the random giveaway will scale with the value of the monthly subscriptions.

January – I will be sending Sealed Product. Right now, if the month ended tomorrow I will be randomizing the Patrons and sending the lucky winner a Pack of EMA. If we get more money in the pool, I will increase the prize.

February – I am building a series of mini battle boxes, and would love to give one of these away. In order to hold a giveaway of this size, I need the month of Feb to bring in $50.

All of the giveaways will be done within the first two weeks of the next month. So January’s giveaway will happen by the 2nd week in Feb. This is due to the nature of Patreon, and they do not start charging Patrons credit cards until the first day of the month.

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