Reminder: One Week Left Until February Giveaway

I recently updated the Patreon with a post regarding our February Giveaway.  With the intent on getting the word out more, I am posting something here.  $27 more to be pledged and the lucky monthly winner gets a gorgeous Deck Box handcrafted by Spencer Baumgarten to go with their BattleBox.

Here is the update from the Patreon Site:

There is exactly 7 days left in the month of February, and we are at $73 committed for the month.

This means there will be the monthly giveaway of 1,000 Puca Points, or a $10 card to the winner selected randomly from all Patreon Partners.  There will be a Premium give away where I will be selecting 1 winner at random from our $5+ Partners, to win a BattleBox  that I have built.  The Battlebox will be themed after one of the current Standard Decks, and double sleeved in Hareruya sleeves.  The BattleBax will be ready to play upon receipt from the winner. Some of the cards have been upgraded to Foils/Promos from cards in my collection.

We are currently $27 short from giving away a hand crafted deckbox to keep this in. This means I am relying on you lot to sprearding the word among your communities and social networks, and see if we can get to the next level.  If we can get $100 this month, and sustain that for next month, I will give away a Booster Box of Standard legal cards.  So I ask you, my friends to go forth and spread the word.

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