Announcement: Patreon Goal Achieved and a Partnership

I just wanted to take a brief break from my Saturday morning activities to share some exciting news.

Announcement 1

My unofficial Patreon goal of $100 for the month of February has been met.  This means that for this month’s giveaway, we will be increasing the top prize immensely. Not only does the premium winner get to win a Mini Battle-Box, but that lucky Patron is also going to receive a beautiful handmade deck box made from a wonder artist and friend of the site, Spencer Baumgarten. Because my Patreon Partners are the best around, I am also going to send the second place winner 3 packs of cards of their choice (Any Standard Legal set, or Conspiracy 2.)

There are still 3 days left, anyone that signs up to commit for the Month of February will receive an entry to our Patron giveaway, where we will give 1k Puca Points, 10 MTGO Tickets, or a card valued at $10.  Everyone who signs up for $5 or more, will receive an entry into a drawing of a sweet Battle-Box and Deck Box. 

Announcement 2

Our friends over at PucaMinute Podcast have been supporting us since the beginning and we are proud to announce that we will be hosting their content on our site in a mutually beneficial partnership. These guys are doing great things for the pucatrade community, and have recording 95 episodes so far. For today’s announcement, I am embedding their big announcement from this week, but we are working the logistics of the partnership, so stay tuned for more information.



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