Top 6 Cards in Modern Masters 2017 I Am Buying

After getting beat up for the past week and a half with RL issues (Sick Kiddo and work project getting wrapped up) I am back just in time to share with you my super secret plan based around making a fortune on Modern Masters 2017. 

The hype for Modern Masters 2017 is real.  There are a ton of high-value reprints that everyone seems excited about. Yes, I’m excited to be getting affordable Snapcaster Mage, Liliana, of the Veil, and Zendikar Fetch Lands, but I am even more psyched about some of the other much-needed reprints. So without any more hype, the other guys have enough of it already, here are the Top six cards I’m buying from MM17.

6. Serum Visions

I have seen this card preselling at $1.88, and to me its a steal.  I believe the Uncommons are going to be much rarer in this set.  With 2 reprints (and an FNM promo) recently I don’t see Serum Visions going back to being a $15 card, but it is a widely played card that could go back to the $5-$7 range, and having a playset or 4 at this current price will not hurt anyone.  This price is the absolute floor and I do not see it going lower.


Price Trend Chart from

5. Death’s Shadow

The price of Death’s Shadow has already crept up since I snagged a couple playsets at $7.50 each.  This card is seeing more and more Modern play in a variety of flavors.  The biggest roadblock for lots of players with the older Death’s Shadow lists was the need to run Tarmogoyf in the deck.  Not only is Tarmo getting reprinted, making the more traditional lists more attainable, but other less expensive variants are making some waves, especially Grixis Death’s Shadow. At the current preorder price of $10.50, I think this card is a bargain.  I can see it easily creeping up closer to $15-$17 after people are done opening MM17.

4. Might of Old Krosa

Might of Old Krosa is currently preordering at $3, less than half of the original printing.  This is a slam dunk purchase for me, even if I never plan on playing it. This card will easily return to over $5 after this set passes, and may even get back to closer to its original price as less Uncommons are opened as expected.

3. Voice of Resurgence

Preordering at $12, Voice of Resurgence is a great investment.  Being printed in the Mythic Slot means far fewer prints than other cards in the set.  Voice was over $40 at one point during Shadows over Innistrad time frame and was still over the $20 mark before spoiler season hit.  I expected the card to go back to $20 easily and possibly back up to $40 if someone breaks out a GW based deck in the current volatile Modern metagame.  Even if I am wrong about both of those points, the card will easily surpass $15, making this a solid 20% off sale.

2. Abrupt Decay

Speaking of sales, ordering a playset of Abrupt Decay at around $4.50 feels like a nice sale of 50% off the pre-spoiler price.  Decay is one of the key pieces to JUND decks and sees a lot of play.  It is easily one of the most played cards in decks with these color combinations, and will not stay where it is. Let’s just say that I am wrong again, and Decay doesn’t hit the $9 pre-spoiler price but caps at $7.  A 35% return on investment doesn’t feel bad, especially in Magic.

1. Stony Silence

At $3 a copy preorder, I am robbing the kid’s College funds to invest in copious amounts of Stony Silence. This card will easily double in price, if not go higher.  Stony is a sideboard card in every deck that plays White, as it attacks many decks in the Modern format.  The original printing was around $10 for almost ever, and even if the value of the card loses 10% due to reprint value, that would be a 3X multiplier on value.  Maybe with all the money I earn from this purchase, I will send myself back to school for a Finance degree, so I can fully understand the idiocy of investing my kid’s College fund into cardboard.

Good Luck and Have fun Drafting MM17,




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