Standard League Week 5

Ah, so here we are.  Half way through the duration of this first league, and ready to go for the second half.  We have added a few new names to the league over the past couple.  This is great, and hopefully, we can shake it up a bit more with new blood.

There have been a couple of drops for this week due to some real life situations, and one member who just fell off the radar didn’t play a match last week and didn’t register for this week. We did have 1 user contact me that he was going out of the country until next Saturday and due to the numbers how the week worked out, he was the odd man after pods were balanced at 3 players.  OBDog and I are setup as his shadow matches, in an attempt to get him matches when he gets back, without throwing off any other pods.

Pods were also shuffled based on Executive Order #69 that allowed me the right to rule in the best interest of the league itself.  This Executive Order allowed me to move the pods around to accommodate one player’s work schedule, as he works insanely odd hours.  At the end of the day, I want to make this league as inclusive as possible and am willing to shift protocol to allow as many people to be able to play as possible.


Standings After 4 Weeks

Week 5 Pairings

Also remember, Any late entries will result in losing the free points.  This means you can easily register at any point this week.  You can change your deck up until your first match of the week, so just edit the deck you post after you send the link.







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