Month of June – Patron Drawing.

I held off the drawing for the month of June to see what would happen with the value of Hour of Devastation.  News flash, it sucks.  Pure and total Garbage! Because I actually like my patrons, and do not want to force them to suffer any more than I did when I cracked my terrible box of HOUR, I am gonna let the patrons decide what packs they want for themselves… If anyone doesnt let me know by the time I head to the shop tomorrow mid-day, they are gonna get Aether Revolt, because that is where the value is. I will be recording the pack openings this weekend, and sending out the cards.

Grand Prize for this drawing was 2 winners, and they are both getting the Aether Vial Masterpiece Playmat from the Charlotte SCG Open. 

Jeremy aka “Strictly Average” is an ‘average’ guy with ‘average’ plans. He is the creator and overboss of Strictly Average Gaming, which includes the Patreon group and

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