Calling All Content Creators – New Monthly Giveaway

I am pleased to announce a new monthly giveaway for Content Creators. As you likely know, this project is not a money-making venture. This means that I have been unable to recruit other authors for site content. In an effort to remedy that, I am now offering a monthly drawing for Content Creators. The first giveaway cycle will conclude the last week of August.

How to Enter

Simply contact me via this form, twitter, or on Discord to discuss what you would like to offer for publication. It can be an MTG-related video, an article, or even a podcast. The editing team will screen and edit all articles as necessary; we reserve the right to turn down any piece that doesn’t meet our standard of content. We have a strict policy regarding not tearing people down to bring ourselves up; will not post inflammatory and hateful pieces.

Each piece of unique content that passes our approval process will earn you 2 entries into the monthly drawing.


If you have previously published content elsewhere, that’s cool too.  We will gladly accept it for editing and republication on this site, provided that 1). you own the rights to the work, and 2). the initial hosting party is okay with republication.  You will receive 1 entry into the monthly drawing per published piece that has previously been hosted elsewhere.

Content Creators are limited to earning 2 entries per week.  This means you can submit up to 2 pieces of content previously published elsewhere, or 1 piece of content created expressely for us, every week.

What is being given away?

For this first giveaway cycle, and due to the nature of price fluctuations in singles, the Content Creators giveaway prize will be announced closer to the end of August. However, I guarantee it will be a card, multiple cards, or other MTG product with a value of $50 or more.

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