Patron Giveaways, and new User Campaign

Hello friends, below is a new post I made on the Patreon:

Howdy friends.  Although I haven’t been updating the Patreon page with news, the community of Patrons has been stronger then ever. We have continued giving away SWEET prizes.


– 1,000 pucapoint prize to 1010101010100101

– 2 MPS Aether Vial Playmats from the SCG Tour to CNWeezard and WickedRick

– Remainder of patrons got a standard pack of their choice.

In May:

– Eclipse Sleeves – DalairBear

– Tarmogoyf – Pucaminute (Geekified Games) Podcast

For the July Drawing, I will be doing a pack of Eclipse sleeves, and a Masterpiece of the winners choice.  I will give the winner a price range; they decide which Expedition/Invention/Invocation they want.

I am also adding a new user signup bonus for the next 5 weeks, through the September drawing (Sept 1). All new users participating at the $5 or higher tier will receive a booster pack from a standard-legal set of their choice.  If the new user is a referral, the referring patron will also receive a pack (up to 3 packs).

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