Artist Interview: rk post

rk post is one of the most unique and stylized artists around. He’s been known to describe his style as “somewhere between photo-realistic and equally twisted.” It was my privilege to interview rk post in StrictlyAverage’s second artist interview!

The very first card I owned was the alternate art 7th edition Thorn Elemental. Was it difficult building upon the work you already had done for the original?

Yes and no.  I had a place to start and that made it a bit easier.  I painted the 7th art considerably larger and spent more time on detail.


I know you also helped in designing the Planescape setting for Dungeons & Dragons. Did you do any work for for the video game, Torment?

None at all.  They just ran with art that was already done.

There’s a clear Gothic influence in your work. Is there any piece in particular from this era that acted as a catalyst for you incorporating these elements into your own style?

I just love any illustration that was at the turn of the century.  Especially Franklin Booth, Virgil Finlay, and Arthur Rackham.

What is your preferred medium to work with? Have you had any shift towards digital mediums in recent years?

Good eye.  The first half of my Magic art was done in oils…then it shifted to digital, or at the very least, mixed media with a digital finish.

I’ve read in previous interviews with you that Unmask is one of the favorite cards you’ve done. What was given to you by the design team as the guidelines for it?

There was a basic story element and characters that needed used, but the rest was me.

In your (what I assume is infrequent) downtime, what hobbies do you have?

Not many really.  I travel way to much and then have to bust out some work when I’m home.

What are your top 3 “stranded on a desert island” songs?

Hahahaha!  I’m the lame guy that doesn’t really have any.  I listen to whatever and whenever.

What card do you sign the most often?

I can tell you that I have signed over 6000 Modern Masters 2015 Fulminator Mages.  Avatar of Woe is a contender too.

How many Fulminator Mages have you signed?

Weird, I just channeled this question with the last.

What advice do you have for people looking to start a career as an artist?

Oh hell.  It’s not easy.

A big thank you again to rk post for taking the time for this interview. For those who are fans or interested in his art, please check out the following sites:

He has a wide array of tokens available for sale as well as art books. Please comment and share if you liked this interview and if you have any memorable experiences with rk post!

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