DankShort: Talking Trivia Part 2

Annnnnnd we’re back with the much anticipated part 2 of Talking Trivia. I’m your host, DankMeme. Let’s get started.

Alliances (1996)
Force of Will, currently the most sought after card of the set, was initially not well received. The cycle of “pitch” cards allowed players to tap out completely and still cast spells from their hand. This was viewed as detrimental to the game early on in Alliance’s release because it broke the conventional rules of Magic at the time.

Mirage (1996)


The creature card Maro was named in honor of set designed Mark Rosewater.

Visions (1997)

Visions was a card printed previously in Legends. Visions the set is the first to share a name with a previously printed card.

5th Edition (1997)

Only the Chinese printing of 5th edition cards had a set symbol. It is the Roman numeral V.

Portal (1997)

There are no instants printed in this set.

Weatherlight (1997)

No new abilities were introduced in Weatherlight. 

Tempest (1997)

The card Mogg Squad both in name and flavor text is a riff off of a 60’s TV show; The Mod Squad.

Stronghold (1998)

This set contains the first 5-color card; Sliver Queen. Due to her significance, she is also the first 5-color legendary creature.

Exodus (1998)

A card part of the wizard cycle of this set, Keeper of the Mind had to be censored due to the seemingly sexualized pose in the original art. The art that got printed is a zoomed in of the original. The original would later get printed on the card Censorship in Unglued.

Portal Second Age (1998)

The set was considered a failure in terms of lore due to some card’s depiction of firearms.

Unglued (1998)

Mark Rosewater drew the card art for Look At Me, I’m the DCI. It was the only card in Magic for which he drew the art, and he was paid $1 for it.

Urza’s Saga (1998)

The card Phyrexian Colossus was printed with a collector number of #306 when it actually should’ve been #305. Both Phyrexian Colossus and Phyrexian Processor were printed as #306.

Anthologies 1998

Mirri, Cat Warrior was printed with a common rarity symbol instead of rare and was a 2/2 instead of the actual 2/3.

Urza’s Legacy (1999)

The DCI banned their first card, Memory Jar, which saw its initial printing in Urza’s Legacy.

6th Edition (1999)

This set first introduced basic lands that only had their mana symbol printed in their text box.

Portal: Three Kingdoms (1999)

Portal: Three Kingdoms introduced several creature types seen on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar including rooster, horse and rabbit. Unfortunately these have not received a commander tribal deck yet.

(Zodiac Chicken is a… plainswalker…)

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