DankShort: Talking Trivia Part 4

Welcome to Part 4! In the words of Mario, “here we go!”

Legions (2003)

Only creatures were printed in Legions. No enchantments, sorceries, or artifacts.


Scourge (2003)

The card Xantid Swarm was originally from a rejected “You Make the Card” competition submission.

8th Edition (2003)

8th Edition introduced a new card frame. While retaining some elements of the original frame, such as texturing, the new look was cleaner overall and remained in place until the release of Magic 2015.

Mirrodin (2003)

The Solemn Simulacrum art by Dan Scott was done in the likeness of Jen Thoren as his Magic Invitational card.

Darksteel (2004)

Skullclamp was found to be such a overpowering card it became the first card to be banned in standard in 5 years.

Fifth Dawn (2004)

The development codename for Fifth Dawn was tomato. This is in line with Mirrodin’s codename of Bacon and the Darksteel codename of Lettuce.

Champions of Kamigawa (2004)

This set was the first to have colored mana symbols in the textbox for things like activated abilities. Since the frame change in Eight Edition the mana symbols had been black and white.

Unhinged (2004)

The dinosaur creature type was first introduced in Unhinged, errated to be removed in the Grand Creature Type Update, and then reintroduced as a creature type in Ixalan.

Betrayers of Kamigawa (2005)

The all-powerful card, Umezawa’s Jitte was included in the Rat’s Nest premade deck.

Saviors of Kamigawa (2005)

Evermind is the first card printed in Magic that does not have a casting cost, only an alternate ability in order to use it.

9th Edition (2005)

9th Edition was the last set to be printed with white borders.  

Salvat 2005 (2005)

This set was only obtainable through a biweekly printing of the Magic Encyclopedia. It was only released in Spanish, French, and Italian speaking markets.

Ravnica: City of Guilds (2005)

This set was hailed as such a success both by fans and critics alike that it received the Origin Award for Best Collectible Card Game or Expansion in 2005.

Guildpact (2006)

Although a card from the Izzet guild, Hypervolt Grasp was printed with a Gruul watermark. The card even has a blue activated ability, a color not in Gruul’s identity.

Dissension (2006)

When this set was released on Magic the Gathering online, four new tokens were made to compensate for tokens not previously made.

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