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Born of the Gods (2014)

This set saw the printing of Kiora, a much anticipated character originally from the Duels of the Planeswalkers video game.


Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska (2014)

This Duel Deck is based on a web story called The Gorgon and the Guildpact.

Journey into Nyx (2014)

Certain packs of Journey into Nyx included all fifteen gods released in Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey Into Nyx. They are quite literally god packs.

Modern Event Deck (2014)

The deck was titled “March of the Multitudes” and generally considered by Wizards as a failure.

Conspiracy (2014)

Conspiracy is the first ever set to be geared specifically towards both multiplayer and drafting.

Magic 2015 (2014)

With the release of this set came a new card frame, something not seen since the release of Eighth Edition. Each card printed since this set features the new frame style and a new font called “Beleren.”

From the Vault: Annihilation (2014)

The art of Living Death saw its first paper printing in From the Vault: Annihilation.

Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning (2014)

Similar to previous Duel Decks, Speed vs. Cunning acted as an “early release” of cards scheduled to be released in the next upcoming set.

Khans of Tarkir (2014)

Khans of Tarkir introduced alternate-art foil cards that couldn’t be pulled from booster packs as the face cards of intro packs.

Commander 2014 (2014)

Planeswalkers that could act as Commanders were introduced in this set.

Duel Decks Anthology (2014)

This set was one of the few that was not printed on Magic: The Gathering Online.

Fate Reforged (2014)

Alesha, Who Smiles At Death is the first transgender character in Magic lore.

Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora (2015)

Six cards in this set received new artwork.

Dragons of Tarkir (2015)

Dragons of Tarkir aptly contains the most dragons in a Magic set.

Modern Masters 2015 (2015)

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, the individual booster pack packaging was made out of paperboard. This resulted in cards shifting around in the booster and becoming scuffed and damaged before even being opened.

Magic Origins (2015)

Letting players scry 1 after taking a mulligan at the beginning of the game was introduced with the release of this set.

From the Vault: Angels (2015)

The art for Serra Angel in this set was only ever available on a 6 inch by 9 inch oversized promo.

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