Strictly Eternal 101 – The Wrath of Karn

Howdy folks! And welcome to another edition of Weatherlight Trek Volume III: The Search for Karn! Or rather, a little Legacy!

It’s no surprise that Karn, Scion of Urza is a truly amazing and silly card. For the next few articles we’re gonna take a look at decks that Karn probably goes in (including possibly revisiting Steel Men/Ravager Stompy w/ Karn), because the card is absolutely absurd on so many levels.

This week’s list is a big mana deck commonly referred to as “Eldrazi Post” or “Big Eldrazi”. The deck seeks to play gigantic threats via it’s manabase of Cloudpost/Glimmerpost and mana rocks. The spice of this list? 2 Karn and 1 copy of Thran Temporal Gateway!


The Core of the Deck

The core of this deck is based around the commonly notable Chalice of the Void/Ancient Tomb Stompy style deck, but instead of low to the ground curve threats, this deck plays mana acceleration such as Grim Monolith and Thran Dynamo in order to power out massive threats such as the Eldrazi Titans.

The explosiveness of this deck sometimes can not be denied. Many turn 1-2 plays can be highly explosive and powerful. I even was able to manage a Turn 1 Karn (through a line involving Grim Monolith and Voltaic Key) in a game and he simply took over from that point on. The power level of Karn is absolutely insane sometimes, as his filtering gives this deck a way to draw cards which can be stupendously good sometimes. Furthermore his -2 synergizes well with all the mana rocks the deck plays, so you can create a quick clock of an army with them.

Sideboard-wise this deck includes some standard fare in Leyline of the Void, Sorcerous Spyglass, and Warping Wail, but it also includes some additional pieces in Ensnaring Bridge, Duplicant, and Wurmcoil Engine.

For this article, I ran 5 matches on XMage, unfortunately going 2-3 with them. Let’s check out the matches!

Match 1 vs Czech Pile (1-2 LOSS)

Match 2 vs UB Control (1-2 LOSS)

Match 3 vs Tin Fins (1-2 LOSS)

Match 4 vs Mono-Red Prison (2-1 WIN)

Match 5 vs Deadguy Ale? (Not Sure) (2-1 WIN)

Post Thoughts

Honestly, I would like to play this a little more and revisit this list again in the future. This deck has a lot of sweet plays to it and a very explosive nature that makes it great fun to play. If you enjoy casting really big shit, this is a deck that you might want to look into, and thankfully it’s getting more popular.

I also have to admit that the Thran Temporal Gateway in the list was actually not as awful as it may look. The card did a ton of work when it did come out, but I think it may be superfluous to the mana advantage this deck does have. It’s stupendous in matchups defined by Wasteland and Blood Moon however.

Wrapping Up

Next week I’ve got some literal spice for us. Yes, it includes Karn. But it also includes The Antiquities War! So check us out next time on Karn Wars: The Brothers’ Strike Back!

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