The Dragon Reborn

Good Prophecies sometimes work out in the strangest ways…

The Dragon Reborn, book three of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time saga, follows the events in The Great Hunt. And if those events stirred the blood, Reborn has plenty more to offer.

With the invaders thrown back into the sea and his friends safe, Rand begins to accept who and what he is. However, he feels like he has to do one of the major items in the Prophecies about which he he has heard bits and pieces. After an attack on his camp, he leaves the group. On his own, afraid of many different things, he travels across the continent to determine once and for all if he is who the Aes Sedai say he is.


His role in this book is smaller than you’d think, as most of the book focuses on Moiriane, Lan and Perrin’s search for him and Egwene, Nynaeve and Mat’s travels to Tar Valon and then on to Tear for the inevitable climax.

This book is a bit slower than the first two, with Jordan building the world and setting the stage for bigger things down the line. You meet several new characters that will play major roles in the books to come and many minor ones that might surprise you when they reappear. The Aiel make their first appearance as a people, but will not be disappearing any time soon.

Overall, while this book is definitely a needed part of the series, since it adds so many new things and builds upon several old ones. However, it can be harder to get through since there is not as much action to hold your attention. The climax at the end is worth the slog, however, as Rand and company regroup for another showdown with the Shadow. You will learn much about how the world of the Wheel of Time works, and several things that are unusual because of who currently walks it. With Rand being such a minimal part in this book, the other Two Rivers characters begin to shine on their own, much to the overall series’s benefit. Not every tale can be built solely on the back of action pieces, and Reborn certainly proves that.

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