The New Strictly Average Schedule

Howdy folks! My name is Joe Dyer and I’m posting to talk today about some upcoming changes to how we are scheduling content with

Recently I have been given the opportunity to take over as content manager for StrictlyAverageMTG, helping Jeremy decentralize some responsibilities in a few areas. I want to take the time to discuss with folks about where we are headed and where I would like to be.

First off – I am in the process of rescheduling articles. For example, my article series on Strictly Eternal 101 and Strictly Vorthos will be moving to Fridays (with the first articles for this being on June 15). Justin Lado’s non-Magic articles will be occurring on Wednesday/Thursday. I don’t have a full schedule as of yet, but I am still working on it and wanted to share with you folks the major changes right off the bat.


I am in the process of discussing content articles with other authors that have previously written for us to find out more information on their ability to continue to contribute to the site. I am always on the lookout for anyone who is willing to write Magic content for a Magic website, but I’m also open to non-Magic content. If you can write about any gaming content (such as Board Games, etc) then I would like to talk to you about writing for here. If this interests you, you can reach me via Discord under my name volrathxp or via my Twitter account @volrathxp.

Magic content areas that I would personally like seeing covered on a regular basis in some shape or form:

  • Standard format content
  • Modern format content
  • EDH format content
  • Brawl format content
  • Magic Arena content
  • Limited format content
  • Cube format content
  • Trading cards online content (either through PucaTrade/Cardsphere, or even how best to use DeckBox accordingly)

I have many ideas on what things we can do to best improve the content of this website and I’m looking forward to working with people on making this content great to look back on.

Thanks for all the support and reading!

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