Quick Takes: Fallout 76

Help rebuild society or nuke it again.

With E3 upon us and game companies doling out tidbits of news for hungry fans, I thought I could do a quick take on some of the things that popped out to me from the conference. Since I am a huge Fallout and Bethesda fan, I figured I would start with the new Fallout game, Fallout 76.

So, Fallout 76… Set in the earliest time since the bombs dropped in the Fallout universe, you are in West Virginia in, appropriately, Vault 76. For anyone familiar with the series, this is a Vault intended to help rebuild society, not be a science experiment on its’ inhabitants. (If you aren’t familiar with the series, just know that the people who made the Vaults and the government are not particularly nice people, before or after the bombs.) Bethesda decided that this iteration of the game was going to be an always-online multiplayer survival game. From the sounds of it, it will be along the lines of DayZ or RUST, possibly with less death penalties. Go out, explore, gather, build and protect your stuff.


So how do I feel about this? Ehhhh…. not overly enthused. I have never played DayZ, but have played a lot of RUST. The gameplay gets tedious after a short period, to me, and the worst part of the multiplayer survival is the other people. Particularly if you join a little late and someone has a good amount of gear and a mind to be unpleasant to his neighbors. Considering Fallout 76 starts in a vault, I can’t imagine you will start the game in a loincloth with a rock, ala RUST, but I also do not feel like you will have strong equipment upon the giant door opening for you, so people in power armor and energy weapons will be making life miserable for ‘new’ players quickly. And that doesn’t even include discussion on the scattered viable nuclear missiles that were said to be strewn throughout the enormous map (four times bigger than Fallout 4? that’s a lot of West Virginian wilderness to explore.)

Are there things Bethesda can do to alleviate this? Of course. And I genuinely hope they do, because I want Fallout 76 to be good and enjoyable. I am unwilling to write off the game entirely because of previous experiences with similar games, if for no other reason that it is Fallout and I will take Fallout in pretty much any way, shape or form I can obtain it. But while I am not out the door and heading for car on the game, I definitely find myself looking at my watch and leaning towards said door. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong.

Images courtesy of Bethesda and not taken by me.

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