Lord of Chaos – Book 6 of the Wheel of Time

What’s in the box!?

Lord of Chaos, book six of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time epic, picks up quickly after Fires of Heaven. Rand al’Thor rules both Cairhien and Andor, but at a great cost. Now he faces not only the expected enemies, but their machinations with those who should be his allies.

While in Andor, Rand meets with a ‘new’ character that plays a large part throughout the remainder of the series, if often from the sidelines, Mazrim Taim, a false Dragon from Saldaea that was captured but escaped when Rand rightfully claimed his title of Dragon. Taim is charged with setting up a male version of the White Tower in Andor and teaching men who can channel how to use their ability, despite the taint on the One Power.


After that, Rand spends a good chunk of the book in a box after being kidnapped by agents from Eliada’s White Tower. This is the main focus of the book, with many different characters converging for the final fight to free Rand. Perrin is back, now Lord of the Two Rivers (at least, to the Two Rivers people he is), while Mat is sent after Nynaeve and Elaine who are with the rebel Aes Sedai. Egwene is summoned from her training with the Wise Ones to the rebel enclave and her part in the story accelerates quickly from here.

Overall, Lord of Chaos is a slower book than the last few, but packed with new, important characters and major developments for old favorites. Mat and Rand part company for what will turn out to be a very long time, while the women get their parts in the story on track and steaming ahead. Lord of Chaos is an interesting book, since a good chunk of it has the main character, Rand, locked in a box and at the mercy of people he did not trust to begin with, obviously with good reason. The ending shows just what Rand’s new school is capable of, along with some strong support from a new lord in Andor’s realm.


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