Developing News – MTG Artists Detained from Entering the US

Howdy folks! I know some of you were expecting a new Eternal article today, but some things have caught up with me and well, hasn’t happened. Instead today we’re going to talk about some developing news from this week.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, on August 25th Wizards of the Coast affiliated artists Anna Steinbauer, Magali Villeneuve, and Titus Lunter were detained at the SeaTac airport in Seattle, WA by customs, and denied entrance to the country. The three artists were expected to be in Renton to work on a concept push for Dungeons & Dragons.

Due to some details of the artist’s ESTA Visa Waivers (as confirmed by Titus Lunter over Twitter), the three were detained overnight by ICE until a flight could be established for the three to take them home. You can read a great article about all of this over here at Hipsters of the Coast, complete with statements by Villeneuve and Lunter. As of now, all three artists are home and safe.


While there is not a large amount of information available yet, we would like to reiterate what the Hipsters of the Coast article says (as well as what both Villeneuve and Lunter say as well). Please don’t point fingers at anyone involved in this mess. No matter what has happened, it’s important to remember that what really matters is that all parties involved are safe. Once more details are known, then we can begin to understand what led to this unfortunate situation.

We here at Strictly Average want to express that we are glad that the artists are home and unharmed. A lot worse could have potentially happened. All we can hope is that this situation is resolved for long term so that Steinbauer, Villeneuve, and Lunter can continue their work affiliation with Wizards.

Until next time friends, keep tapping that mana and keep being awesome people.

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