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Good morning Strictly Friends and Family.  When we last met, I was discussing how much fun I was having with Heroic Goblin Visitation.  During my testing, I came to the sad realization that although this deck was fun, and was pretty good for normal weekly events, but wouldn’t quite cut it on a competitive scene.  Today, I will talk about the failings, and what deck I am currently on for SCG Cincinnati. However, before we get there, I wanted to talk a bit about playing the Heroic Goblin Visitation Deck in MTG Arena best of one matches. Here is the build I used to climb the ladder in Arena:

I found that the power of this deck in this format is in the fact that this deck surprises opponents and sometimes just steals games with a resolved Divine Visitation. I made a few changes to accommodate the fact that I cannot always rely on 4/4 angels to get the job done throughout the current Arena metagame.  The addition of Lyra Dawnbringer to the main deck gives the angels created from Divine Visitation an additional +1/+1 and lifelink, while Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice and Tajic, Legion’s Edge are added as one-ofs, allowing to defend against problematic decks.

Although this deck may not be the most competitive meta deck, I have found this build to be a fairly simple way to move far up the ladder, and pass through many of the daily quests. The main aggro approach loses hard to board wipes and is very susceptible to effects like Goblin Chainwhirler so if you give this deck a go, remember that it is okay to play conservatively. Unlike traditional aggro decks, it is very viable to go the midrange route and overwhelm your opponents with beefy fliers.

Another important thing to note is during the lower tiers of the ladder, I noticed many other players being unfamiliar with cards like Tajic, Legion’s Edge, and attempting to burn out other creatures with him in play.  It is possible to use this to your advantage, but do not hedge too heavily on it. Tajic is also a nice answer to that pesky Chainwhirler.


Standard Testing

Despite much luck at local events, and friendly MTGO leagues, I found the Boros build of the White Weenie deck to be quite lacking in competitive MTGO leagues. Control decks were very bothersome for me and it started to become apparent that although extremely fun, this deck may not be the correct deck for the upcoming team event. Board wipes were extremely problematic, and I found that I had a real tough time with decks that had any sort of countermagic. I began to look at other tournament results and found that Azorius Aggro was currently very popular.  Although I would have to sacrifice some of the fun interactions of the Boros deck, I decided to give this Azorius List a go.

This decks approach is the typical White Weenie deck in the sense that there are a ton of 1 drops that on their own are quite innocuous, but when paired with buffers like Benalish Marshal and Venerated Loxodon can grow extremely big in just a few turns. One of the hardest cards for me to deal with in the Boros version is Cry of the Carnarium, but the natural toughness of Snubhorn Sentry and the ability to buff creatures with the Marshal and Loxodon put my creatures out of range of this spell very quickly.

The sideboard of this deck is what really makes it stand out over the Boros version, as having access to blue gives the ability to win matches where the other deck just folds. In most situations where a board wipe or removal spell wrecks my primary game plan, I was so close to the finish line that the opponent needed to resolve their Kaya’s Wrath or Cleansing Nova or they would just lose the next turn.  Having access to Negate and Disdainful Stroke for my opponent’s board wipe usually meant the game was decided in my favor.

It is also very important to note that in the matchups where Tocatli Honor Guard is good, it becomes a decision on which effect is more potent; canceling the ETB effects, or the buffing from Venerated Loxodon. I usually do a straight swap on the Loxodon for the Honor Guard and bring in Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants as a tertiary way to buff my team.  The Baffling End in the sideboard is a nice answer to Runaway Steam-kin, and almost every other creature in the current Red Decks, and can even be used as a cheap way to shut down the Rekindling Phoenix token, if they chose to block with the bird. Baffling End is also proving to be extremely powerful versus the Mono-Blue deck in the format.

Welp, that’s about it this week.  Please take a few moments and let me know how I am doing.  Feel free to comment here, or tweet at me; let me know if you like what you are reading, or if there are things you dislike. The only way I can keep creating content that you enjoy is if your feedback.

Until Next Time, good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to smile,



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