While not a mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice, Loren wishes to share his love of Magic with everyone. Loren plays Modern (not well) and EDH (not well). He lives in northern Arizona with his girlfriend and vault of artist-signed cards.

Dank Short Talking Tribal #2

Welcome back to another edition of “Talking Tribal.” Last time we discussed the fact that from 1993-1995 only two vampires were printed; and . Sengir Vampire still sees play in Standard thanks to Welcome Decks. The second vampire, Krovikan Vampire, was flavorful but impotent. In addition to all of this, the third member of this tribe wasn’t even a vampire at his inception. , the third vampire printed (by technicality) came out in October of 1995 in the set Homelands. At this time, legendary creatures were only marked as “Summon Legend.” The legendary subtype (at the time) overruled any other

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Dank Short: Talking Tribal #1

Let me preface this article by saying: I’m hyped for Commander 2017. I’ve always loved tribal decks. My first true standard deck (created right after the Scars of Mirrordin pre-release) was black-red vampires. Sure, I lost to caw-blade all of the time… but who didn’t? I love tribal so much that I approached Strictly to create a weekly serial focused around the best, the worst, and all of the tribes in between. Naturally I will begin my first article highlighting the best tribe in Magic: vampires! The first vampire in Magic has been around since Alpha: . In his heyday

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