Eric has been an avid Magic fan and player since re-discovering the game in 2012. He is a Red mage at heart but likes to confuse himself with the varying decision trees presented by mid-range and control decks from time to time. Eric plays mostly casually with his 8-year-old daughter, but manages to get out for every prerelease and a few FNM's and GP's every year.

A Lesson in Preparation: The Game Room Standard PPTQ Story

It was a chilly Sunday morning in Sacramento. I wanted to get a workout in before the PPTQ, but that meant getting up early…and getting my kids up early. I’m no longer sure which is the more difficult task. (Although, let’s be honest, my wife did 95% of the work getting the kids up and ready). After a couple cups of coffee (gotta hydrate pre-workout, right?) my wife and I got the kids loaded up and off to the gym.  We put in a good hour-long workout, I got the blood flowing, and was feeling good.  A quick stop at

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