My name is Sky. I am 23 years old and am agender; meaning I prefer that you refer to me using they/them/their pronouns. I am a SUNY Oswego graduate with a BA in Creative Writing with a minor is Psychology. I am a Modern player, with my favorite deck being Dredge. I began playing Magic during Scars of Mirrodin; however, I did not play competitively until a few years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry, studying/practicing Psychology, and composing music.

Modern Madness: WB Curses

Curses is an Enchantment, Aura/Curse, prison deck whose goal is to create a soft lock on creature and planeswalker-based decks by cheating and into play using . Following this, the deck uses and as finishers. The deck uses hand disruptions such as and to disrupt combo decks as well as protect its hand from potential answers, such as counter spells. The deck also uses mana acceleration in the form of , , and in order to cast Misfortunes as fast as possible. Lastly, the deck runs as Misfortunes numbers 5-8 and as a quick tutor for if our opponent is

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Modern Madness: Simic Pili-Pala

What is Simic Pili-Pala? It’s a Company creature-combo deck archetype where its goal is to: One, generate an infinite amount of mana; two, cycle through its library until finding a win condition; and three, finish off the opponent using a spell with X in its mana cost. Contrary to Counters Company, however, Pili-Pala has cantrips and counter spells within its repertoire in order to find its combo pieces more efficiently within the first few turns, as well as offer tempo disruption to the opponent’s deck. By having access to these cantrips, Pili-Pala is less reliant on value-creatures in order to

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