Craig is a husband, and father of 4, living in the frozen north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Outside of collecting cards to build old school decks with, he has a love for merfolk in modern and occasionally drafting online.

Limited Intelligence: RIX sealed pool (MTGO)

…and now for something completely different. My last post was about my adventures in the old school 93-94 format. Today I am bringing the newest content possible: a Rivals of Ixlan sealed pool on MTGO. I chose the name ‘Limited Intelligence’ today, as I will make no claims of being a master when it comes to 40-card decks (and Canadians have been known to enjoy self-deprecating humour more than most). The league I joined is made up of three rounds of three matches, with the option of adding a pack to the pool after each of the first two rounds.

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An Old School evening

Old. School. Magic. For anyone who plays the game, it brings you back to the beginning or your Magic journey, whenever that may be. Similar to the music you listened to in high school that you will consider to be ‘classic’ for the rest of your life (for me, it’s Weezer’s Blue album; as an aside about getting old I have found that actual ‘classic’ music stations play the songs that I remember best from those years), the cards that you first learned the game and played with hold a special place in your memories. I began playing when I

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Drafting with Woolie: Hour of Devastation

Welcome to the first installment of ‘Drafting with Woolie’. I’m a husband and a father of four with limited free time at normal hours, so playing Magic online is a great outlet for me, whether it is at 6 am or 11 pm. I started playing Magic in high school (Revised), and then switched over to Decipher Star Wars CCG when it was released, even trading the set of Antiquities I had worked hard to trade into for a set of Premier BB at one point. I met Strictly through the Discord channels and have really enjoyed being a part

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