Standard League

Week 1 Pairings

I will be hosting a weekly Standard League for members of the Pucatrade/Discord community. If this goes well, I may expand it out to a wider audience.

Week 1 matches begin Monday, March 6th.
Signup ends Sunday, March 5th, 3 PM EST.


The games will be played on Xmage. If you are unfamiliar with Xmage, I recommend these two links:

Rules Simplified:

  • This is a FREE tournament, with prizes paid out in Puca Points.  Each ‘season’ the prizes will vary. For the first season, 1st prize will be 2,000 pucapoints and 1 Free Month of Gold Membership to Pucatrade, 2nd will be 1,000 pucapoints and 1 Free Month of Silver Membership to Pucatrade and 3-4 will receive 500pp.  I reserve the right to award more prizes as I deem necessary.
  • Donations will be accepted for future iterations of the Standard League.
  • There is no limit on the number of times you can play your standard legal decklist.
  • Automatic 3 points for signing up each week, with an additional 3 points per match win, and 1 point for a draw.  (A draw occurs if both users cannot make the match happen because RL happens. Both players need to contact me via email or Discord DM to let me know that they agreed that they couldn’t play. )
  • Time limit, 50 min per match on Xmage
  • Normal tournament rules apply.
  • Each league season will last about 8 weeks
  • At the end of the 8 weeks, if there are more than 14 players with points, we will cut to top 8 and Rules for top 8 will be posted up to 2 weeks before the end of the season.
  • Lifetime points will be saved and showcased in the sidebar.
  • I will be playing in the league, but as I am the creator of the league and providing prize support I will not take a prize position.  If I happen to place, every player below me moves up one space for the sake of prizes.
  • Because I am not in it for the prizes, I will have final say on all decisions not covered by these rules.
  • By entering into this tournament, you give me permission to use your name and likeness on my website, along with streaming our matches on my Twitch channel and releasing YouTube videos of matches against me.

Signing Up

In order to signup for the upcoming week, all users wishing to play in the upcoming week will need to email the following things to by 3 pm EST on Sunday:

  • First and last Name.
  • Deck list link (MtgGoldfish preferred).
  • Discord username.
  • Xmage username.

If you miss a week, that’s fine, you can still enter the following week and still be able to earn points towards the prize pool. You will receive confirmation you are registered for that week once I process the Entries.


Decklists will be made public to everyone when Pairings go live. THIS IS UP FOR VOTE, CHECK THE POLL AT THE END OF THIS PAGE FOR OPTIONS. Matches will be played at your convenience.  Pairings will be posted with users set into pods of 4 or 5 users.  Here is a mock example:

Pod #1

  • Peter
  • George
  • Harry
  • <Your Name>

It is your responsibility to reach out to your opponents in your pod and play your matches.  Once the match is complete, both players need to email with the following format:

Subject: Standard League Week 2 Pod #1 Match results

Harry defeated <Your Name> 2 games to 1.

All communications for this league will need to be sent via Email to the address listed previously or DM on Discord.

Supplementary Rules

  • If the system is bugged and rules enforcement isn’t working correctly for a specific card, it is the obligation of the players to play the remainder of the game as if the rules enforcement.
    • Example: Declaration in Stone is bugged, and does not remove more than 1 creature, even if the names match. In this case, any remaining creatures cannot be blocked with, attacked with, or crew a vehicle.
  • Due to known bugs with Rollbacks, all matches will be played with this feature turned off.


For the upcoming Standard League, do you want Decklists made public?

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These rules may change as the start date gets closer, so if you are hesitant about joining reach out to me with questions and I can address as needed.

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