Strictly Short–Pucaing Internationally from the US

Fear of the unknown holds us back from trying new and rewarding things in all aspects of our life.  Until recently, I had never sent an overseas package on Puca Trade. I didn’t know what I was missing.  Once I opened myself up to the idea, cards that were not readily available to me suddenly became available.  I’m currently awaiting a playset of WPN Promo Path to Exiles, in Italian. (Whoo!)

Today I am hoping to remove some of the mysticism around sending cards overseas and hopefully open a new world of recipients and senders to you.


The is only reason to block other countries from sending you cards, is if you are on a deadline for your cards.  (Honestly though, If you are on a deadline and need cards fast, why use Puca to begin with?) PucaShield and sender responsibility covers you from anything that can go wrong.



This is where things get complicated.  As far as I know there is no easily accessible shipping guide for sending cards from the US to other countries. The most important question is cost. It costs $1.15 to send a 1oz envelope to all international countries, Canada is an exception.  The Canadian Postal Service and the US Postal Service have an arrangement, which allows you to send up to a 2oz envelope to our Canadian Friends. This $1.15 cost can be paid with any amount of postage you have to reach that amount, or you can purchase a single International Forever Stamp for the same cost from the Post Office. It’s also a good idea to keep a supply of $.21 ‘extra ounce’ stamps on hand, and add them to any package that is over 1oz.  I use a food scale to ensure that I’m within the weight limits. With Pucashield, there is no need for additional insurance.

Some other tips for sending cards overseas:

  • Write Air Mail on the envelopes, this helps the letters get sorted faster.
  • Use Greeting Cards to smooth out the thicker envelopes, as it will help the envelope not get torn when being processed.
  • Secure the envelope as tightly as possible, using tape to hold down all parts of envelope that could get open/torn. Remember International shipments touch many different hands, so I try to secure them as much as possible.
  • Always pay the extra $.21 if you are unsure.  Its safer to pay .$21 then to pay to reship.

There’s so much more to cover regarding proper packaging and postage, and I’ll be going deeper on this in a future post. For now I wanted to touch on something that I get asked daily. If you have tips for international shipping / receiving please leave them in the comments.

Drive a Tranquil Bargain Friends.


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