Pucatrade Christmas in July – Secret Santa

Hello, Friends! Been a bit of a break for old Strictly here.  I have been dealing with some Real Life things and some minor health things.  But I am doing well, and feeling well. Gonna make it a serious go for starting up writing on a regular basis again.  To kick this off, I am going back to where I started with many of you, Secret Santa! Yeah, I am a few months early, so we are doing a Christmas in July.  For this Secret Santa event, I am handing my Santa hat over to my really good friend Kriple. I will be running the event, and final decision maker, but Kriple and Beanna agreed to actually do the hard work. (Kinda like the real Santa.)

Before we get into the rules, I’d like to share some of the awesome gifts that were sent out during the last Secret Santa event, to highlight how some users will go over the recommended value.  This is encouraged, but not required.










Very simply, things will work like this.  You sign up, you send a killer gift to Kriple.  In that package you will include an envelope with your address on it, and a stamp.  After we collect all the gifts, the list will get randomized, and the gifts sent out.  You will be contacted by one of us with the name of the recipient of your package.  And then hangout on discord and look for the pictures of the cool packages that get received.

How to Participate (read the rules carefully, or I keep your cards and you get NONE… Not kidding, and don’t test me.)

  • Sign up Here 
  • Contact Beanna, Kriple, or Strictly on Discord to get the address to send cards to.
  • Send a card or package of cards with a value of your choice, with at least 1 card worth a minimum of 500 points. Previously some people have sent some ridiculously packed gifts, and I would hate to see them get a pile of foil basic lands. Basically, this is a volunteer run event meant for the benefit of the community, and anyone that tried to game the system, or beat someone out of a gift is merely hurting the other members of the community.
  • All cards must be protected with a top loader as minimum protection, more protection at your own discretion – Within the package you will also include a Self Address Stamped-Envelope (US users only for this part)
  • For Canadian and other out of country participants, you will be responsible for contacting Kriple to send him PayPal for the cost of a US International Stamp, you still need to send an empty envelope addressed to you.
  • Anyone’s package that does not include a self-addressed envelope will be confiscated and fed to Strictly’s Daughter.  Although this would make an amazing video for the site, I highly doubt you would like seeing your gift devoured by my monster.
  • If you choose to provide a gift to another user that includes a larger volume of cards (something that is more than you would send in a normal envelope without an extra stamp) please include an extra $.21 stamp.
  • If for some crazy reason someone wants to send a killer gift that will not fit in a PWE, contact Strictly and Kriple and work something out for the cost of shipping.
  • All Packages to Kriple need to be postmarked by 6/15 and will be shipped on or around 7/15
  • If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord, or join the Community Projects channel on Discord.
  • By entering this event, you agree to submit to my final decision on any issues, complaints, gripes, or tough decisions.


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