Dank Short Talking Tribal #2

Welcome back to another edition of “Talking Tribal.” Last time we discussed the fact that from 1993-1995 only two vampires were printed; Sengir Vampire and Krovikan Vampire.

Sengir Vampire still sees play in Standard thanks to Welcome Decks. The second vampire, Krovikan Vampire, was flavorful but impotent. In addition to all of this, the third member of this tribe wasn’t even a vampire at his inception.

Baron Sengir, the third vampire printed (by technicality) came out in October of 1995 in the set Homelands. At this time, legendary creatures were only marked as “Summon Legend.” The legendary subtype (at the time) overruled any other creature type. This is especially noticeable in the Legends card Jedit Ojanen. While Jedit is clearly a cat, “legend” was his only creature type. This all changed in 2007 when Wizards rolled out the Grand Creature Type Update.


As Wizards began reprinting cards, especially in core sets, they realized one thing: creature types were an absolute mess. “Uh, let me tap 3 mana and cast Adaptive Automaton naming Aladdin as my creature type.” If the Grand Creature Type Update (GCTU) had not been implemented, Aladdin tribal may have been a thing. Or, one of the Commander 2017 decks could have been “horseman” tribal themed (looking at you Headless Horseman). The GCTU went back and “fixed” all of these creature type issues to make older cards updated and consistent with what is and was being printed. Aladdin’s creature type was no longer “Aladdin,” but now “Human Rogue.” Sorry Door of Destinies, “People-of-the-Woods” can’t get you counters.

Back to Baron Sengir being the third vampire. From 1995-2007 Baron Sengir remained only as a “legend”, despite canonically being a vampire. The GCTU turned him from a “legend” into being a “legendary creature vampire.” The Baron’s activated ability was also changed to regenerate another target vampire. Not only is he now the third vampire, but also the first vampire lord! Way to errata-text your way into the club, Baron Sengir!

Also of “worthy” mention is Irini Sengir, another legendary vampire from Homelands. Errata text turned her into a “legendary creature vampire dwarf.” At a four converted mana cost (two black two colorless) for a 2/2 and an ability that causes white and green enchantments to cost two more, she’s only slightly better than Krovikan Vampire.

That’s all this week folks. Get excited as we fast-forward to Mirage for yet another vampire who also happens to be a mono-black legend!

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