Strictly Eternal 101 – Back in Black

Howdy folks, it’s Joe again and we’re here with another edition of White Lightning! Or rather, a little Legacy.

This week we’re continuing our look at a budget series of Legacy decks, with our focus this time on the more unfair strategies in the format with Monoblack Reanimator! As far as budget is concerned this is on the upper edge at around $400-$500, but it runs no duals whatsoever!

The Core of the Deck

This deck focuses on cheap and unfair plays, seeking to quickly dump a threat from its graveyard as early as Turn 1 or Turn 2. Most often this threat is Griselbrand, but the deck packs a number of other threats including Grave Titan, Massacre Wurm, and Iona, Shield of Emeria.


This deck can be very powerful as the combo of Entombing a fatty into the yard is a tale as old as time, but good old Griseldad ain’t no beauty. He’s here to beat face and draw cards.

Sideboard-wise being monoblack this deck has very few answers to a threat such as Leyline of the Void. It shores up this weakness by playing threats such as Pack Rat, in addition to destruction spells like Ratchet Bomb.

We played five matches with this deck on XMage, going 3-2 with it across the five matches.

Match 1 vs UG 12 Post (2-0)

Match 2 vs Maverick (0-2)

Match 3 vs Dragon Stompy (2-1)

Match 4 vs RUG Delver (2-1)

Match 5 vs Miracles (1-2)

Post Thoughts

This is a deck that is a decent entry into the format. From its monoblack roots it can be taken straight into Black/Red Reanimator very easily through the use of a Blood Crypt or a Badlands. Being monoblack and leaning harder on rituals, Lotus Petals would also improve the deck’s speed a fair amount, and further threats such as Sire of Insanity and Tidespout Tyrant are also very strong.

One card that certainly surprised me a ton that I really enjoyed playing with this was Pack Rat. It overperformed in every matchup where it was relevant.

Wrapping Up

That about does it for this week! Next week, we should do something completely janky. Does anyone have any suggestions?! Hit me up on Twitter or Discord and let me know!

Until next time, join me on another edition of Sealab 2021: The Early Years!

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