Strictly Vorthos – Teferi, Time Mage

Howdy folks, this is Joe and we’ve got yet another followup into our Dominarian history lesson! This week we’re focusing on the planeswalker, Teferi of Jamuraa!

Early History

Teferi was born in the Jamuraan nation of Zhalfir, quickly becoming a practical jokester with extreme amounts of talent. He eventually was brought to the Tolarian Academy by Barrin, which is where he first met Jhoira and Karn.

Teferi at the academy continued much as he had before. Although he was a magical prodigy, he still played pranks and constantly sought Jhoira’s affection. Teferi’s jokes led him to dub the newly created Karn with his first name: “Arty Shovelhead”, a name which Karn would fondly remember down the line. His affection for Jhoira led him to discover that the Ghitu woman had been harboring a secret love outside of the school, but his loyalty to her prevented him from disclosing this to Barrin and Urza (under the alias Malzra).


During the day of the Phyrexian attack that resulted in the explosion of the time machine, Teferi became caught in a slow-time bubble, his clothes on fire. Jhoira discovered him and threw a wet blanket at him that took another five years to put out the fire.

Teferi was eventually freed by Jhoira after she awoke from her coma years later. She devised a method, using the water of Tolaria, to create an apparatus to free Teferi from the slow-time bubble. After returning to the world of normal time, he felt depressed due to the fact that everyone he knew was either dead or older. Jhoira was instrumental in developing their friendship, and Teferi grew out of his depression into a much more mature individual.

Teferi later joined Jhoira in Shiv to help manage the Thran Mana Rig, while also keeping up with Urza’s crusade against Phyrexia. However, at some point he left and returned to Zhalfir, becoming a royal mage and protector of the realm. During this time he befriended the reclusive Jolrael.

The Mirage War

At some point, Teferi ascended and his planeswalker spark ignited, transforming him into an immortal being. In order to cultivate order in Zhalfir, he created a guild system to guide the country while he was gone. Things of course, did not go as planned. When Teferi returned, the continent was on the verge of all-out war. While Teferi attempted to unite the nation once more, he was never able to completely unify it.

Teferi decided to leave Zhalfir at this point, retreating for an island in the Chaza Isles with a group of his most trusted advisors. There, Teferi “played” with the concepts of manipulating time in order to make it easier to summon creatures. However, again… things did not go as planned. Teferi’s experiments had caused damage to the temporal balance and in trying to fix it, ended up phasing the entire island out of existence.

It would be several years before Teferi’s Isle would reappear, the people living there unaware of any changes in the timeline. Teferi would soon find out that his “cure” to fix the timeline had caused more bad than good. The energy surge caused by the island’s return had attracted attention from powerful individuals in the forms of Mangara of Corondor, Jolrael, and Kaervek of Urborg. The three had arrived years ago each with their own agendas to search for the Isle, but had found only bare rock.

War broke out, with Kaervek manipulating Jolrael into allying with him. Teferi, unable to interfere directly because of his duty to reconstruct the timeline, aided the defenders of Jamuraa by granting them visions and more powerful spells. Teferi felt tremendous guilt over his role in starting such a conflict, preferring to remain a recluse in the Chaza Isles.

The Phyrexian Invasion

Prior to the invasion, the nation of Keld attacked Teferi’s home of Jamuraa. Teferi however, remained quietly absent until the very last moment when he lended aid with his powers to defeat the Keldons. The Keldon invasion began to make Teferi think about Urza’s crusade against Phyrexia, making him realize he didn’t want to be a part of those plans any longer.

Teferi devised a plan, convincing Urza to assist him in weaving a spell by teleporting in and out of Phyrexian portals to overload them and use their energy. However, Teferi had presented a ruse and finally revealed his intent: to phase out the nation of Zhalfir and part of Shiv from the time stream to save them. Urza was furious and ordered Teferi to stop, but the deed was done. Teferi then disappeared into the time stream.

Hundreds of years later the goddess Karona pulled Teferi out of the time stream. The canonicity of this is highly debated, but Teferi was able to see that Dominaria had survived the Invasion.

The Mending

Teferi returned to Dominaria, this time with Jhoira, in an effort to safely rephase Zhalfir and Shiv back onto the plane. However, Teferi found that Dominaria was almost completely devoid of mana. After speaking to the planeswalker Freyalise, Teferi learned of Karona. This casts doubt on whether the planeswalker had actually met with the Goddess in first place.

Teferi later allied with Radha and Venser, as well as Jhoira, to close the time distortions across Dominaria. After Nicol Bolas was freed by Venser, the two battled with Teferi losing. The planeswalker finally was able to return Shiv to the timeline and seal the rift, but at the cost of his planeswalker spark and powers.

The Zhalfirin rift however, would not experience the same success. Although Teferi tried to guide the planeswalker Jeska to seal the rift properly, Jeska had been manipulated by another planeswalker named Leshrac to forcefully close the rift, sealing the phased lands of Zhalfir away forever.

After the Mending

After the Mending, Teferi faded into obscurity, stopping the use of magic altogether and coming up with excuses as to his name to hide his true identity throughout the years. It is during this time that a plot on his life by the Femeref warrior Kwende led Teferi to meet his wife, with whom he would have a daughter named Niambi.

Sixty years after the Mending, Niambi and her aging father worked to discover hidden artifacts left behind by Urza Planeswalker that could potentially aid in the reparation of the Zhalfirin time rift and bring Zhalfir back. He was able to retrieve one of the artifacts with the help of the Weatherlight crew and the Gatewatch. At Jhoira’s urging, he joins the crew to fight Belzenok and the Cabal.

Teferi meets up again with Karn, and Jhoira approaches him with an offer of a powerstone that she made at the Thran Mana Rig that supposedly contains his spark, offering to make him a planeswalker again.

Wrapping Up

That’s all the time we have for this article, folks! Is there a specific character you’d like to see get focused on during these articles? If so, hit the comments or hit me up on Discord / Twitter!

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