Strictly Eternal 101 – Building a Vine Up and Down

Howdy folks! It’s Joe again with another edition of Jack and the Beanstalk: Jack Strikes Back! Or rather, a little Legacy content to whet your proverbial whistle.

Unfortunately this week we do not have any video content for you guys. Things have been nutty for me as of late, so I just have not had any real time to record the video and get it done. Video stuff is super time consuming, so hopefully we can get back to this for future articles.

That being said, this week we are taking a look at the concept of building and tuning an archetype that came from Modern spice in the form of B/R Vengevine (or Bridgevine as it’s now called) in Legacy.


The Basics of the Deck

Bridgevine is a deck that attacks on the following axis: place cards like Vengevine and Bridge from Below into the graveyard, then use cards like Hangarback Walker / Walking Ballista along with Stitcher’s Supplier to trigger them, flooding the board with cheap creatures as early as Turn 1 to swarm the opponent.

In Modern, this tends to be very good because the level of early interaction is a lot lower than in Legacy. Our question, then: can this strategy be good in Legacy?

Well, it can, but the issue is that Legacy’s interaction is very high. This deck basically wants to do the same thing over and over, and not interact outside of discard.

As a result, this is something I would only recommend you play around with for fun, or maybe the occasional FNM. However, to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, let’s continue.

Variation #1

This is the first variation of the list that I settled on. Instead of cards like Greater Gargadon, we have access to Cabal Therapy, which has always been an all-star in decks with Bridge from Below in it. It also plays nicely with Stitcher’s Supplier and Gravecrawler.

What I found with this variation was that the green splash really didn’t do much for us. Hard-casting a Vengevine is not where we want to be, and for the average P/T of the creatures Nature’s Claim set our clock back too much to properly deal with Leyline of the Void and the like. Destructive Revelry felt too slow to deal with stuff like Leyline, so our interaction needed to be 1 CMC.

Wasteland also proved to be a severe problem to play against, especially with cards like Blackcleave Cliffs in the mix.

In researching some variants, I found myself turning to white as a splash. That led me to this variation.

Variation #2

One of the changes I made with this variation was cutting the Blackcleave Cliffs (since I found that Wasteland just legitimately boned the previous variation) and running more basic lands. The white splash is purely for sideboard interaction with Wispmare as 1 CMC interaction, with two sources of white (Scrubland / Plateau) to make that happen.

Overall, I’m not sure if this is absolutely 100% correct, and I think further work may need to be done to this list to fully get it up to snuff. Goblin Bushwhacker could likely be cut down, and Carrion Feeder brought in as a better sacrifice outlet than Viscera Seer.

I haven’t tested this version, but I look forward to playing around with the idea.

Do you folks have any thoughts on a deck like this? Sound off in the comments or on Discord on what you think!

Wrapping Up

That’s all the time we have this week folks! Short one I know, and no videos, but I at least wanted to talk about my experience in playing around with this archetype a little in Legacy. If you’d like to see a specific deck talked about or something new and interesting, please let me know! I’m always willing to poke at any kind of archetype!

Until next time, join me for another edition of Hollywood and Vine!

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