Guilds of Ravnica review: Selesnya

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the last guild from Guilds of Ravnica I’ll be talking about. If you have read all of these put your hand up to the screen as I am giving you a high five right…about…now. Excellent!

While one may think the Selesnya Conclave as peace loving, nature protecting, “hippies” (for lack of a better word) their history does tie back to some hypocritical and sinister dealings (Editors Note: Sort of. They were almost taken over by Savra so that Szadek could kill Mat’Selesnya, the ancient parun of the Guild by using the Selesnyans’ Quietmen to do so). Fortunately recent years have put into place leadership that protects Ravnica for the benefit of everyone, and the Conclave leads that charge.

The Selesnya Conclave

This white and green guild is filled with anything a fan of fantasy RPGs would want. Elves (the Silhana), Clerics, Archers, Druids, Shamans, Centaur, and more! These different races, and classes, have learned to work together in harmony for the good of all. While the other guilds have boasted new mechanics this guild brings back a fan favorite with Convoke. Sadly we don’t get a Chord of Calling reprint which would have been awesome!


Conclave Tribunal was one of the first cards to be revealed during PAX weekend at the beginning of the month. While you have to use some of your creatures to use this for cheap it can put a hole in the opposing defense allowing your other creatures to get through. This card is quite powerful especially if your forces have Vigilance.

Convoke plus a permanent buff? Venerated Loxodon is a really strong card. Imagine casting this for one white mana, and then using it plus your remaining mana to cast another one, in the same turn. Unless you can answer some of the threats you could be dead the next turn. I’m glad this does not have Trample, or it would be super powerful.

Elf? Check. Draws cards when you play a creature? Check. Has green mana? Check. Beast Whisperer is quite strong in an aggro or a creature heavy mid-range deck. It has three toughness, but keep in mind that Elvish Clancaller exists to keep it out of Lightning Strike range. I would keep an eye on this card as drawing cards by following your plan only helps you achieve victory.

Gate? Heck yes. However while Circuitous Route is not going to find Maze’s End in Standard perhaps we can in Modern. While it would be an FNM deck it is something we could try. Ramp spells are also beneficial for EDH decks, although green sure does have a ton of them already. I could see this in a Standard deck looking to use a lot of the split cards, or perhaps a card I’ll be talking about in a moment, but not as a four of.

Civic Wayfinder, and Borderland Ranger each saw competitive play, and I’m sure District Guide will as well. It’s also an Elf which is beneficial in the new Standard as Elf tribal could be an archetype. This also can get Gates which could use this creature as a blocker in a casual Maze’s End Modern deck too. Unlike this previous card this is definitely a four of in the decks it will be played in as it fixes your mana (even if you use it to get a Gate).

This card is sweet. While it is odd that she produced 1/1 white Soldier tokens (instead of Elves) Emmara, Soul of the Accord showcases how this guild works together, collectively, in it’s pursuits regardless of race or class. Very on theme. Did you know she can be part of an infinite mana combo in Modern too? Here’s what you need.

Infinite mana.

What can you get with that much mana? A giant Walking Ballista? A huge Banefire? What about more creatures at INSTANT speed?

Sure. I miss Sphinx’s Revelation (a lot), but March of the Multitudes is somewhat close. You really only need to cast this on your opponent’s end step to begin to turn the corner. I see this as another Secure the Wastes, but your other creatures will allow you to cast this card. This is also a good card to use when your board is getting wiped away. Do not sleep on this card!

The Selesnya Conclave is full of strategies for those who enjoy go wide aggro, and mid-range decks. If you enjoy getting the maximum value out of your cards then this guild is right up your alley. Make sure you have enough cards to increase the power and toughness of your creatures to avoid problems with Goblin Chainwhirler as it’s a bane to all token decks currently in Standard.

We have reached the end. The five guilds have been revealed, and I have covered them all as much as I can. Are there cards from other sets in Standard that you want to couple with those in the Selesnya colors for Standard? Do you want to try Maze’s End in Modern now too? Make sure to comment below, and to follow me on both Facebook as well as Twitter.

Until next week when I return to weekly Monday articles…


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