Standard – Grixis Midrange!

Hello everyone! Whew, I have had a busy March! I hope everyone is doing well and I am glad to be back at it again making some content for all of you. Having been out of Standard this last month hasn’t had a huge impact as we are still patiently awaiting War of the Spark to shake things up. I took to browsing for some new interesting lists and saw most everything looked how I left it. I did, however, find this fun Grixis Mid-range deck and decided to take that for a spin!

The deck, like any good mid-range deck, looks to control the game with a nice mix of strong removal and value creatures. It also has a Surveil sub-theme that abuses the recursion of Disinformation Campaign to generate card advantage. Looking to live the dream of flipping a Nicol Bolas, the Ravager or surprising opponents with a mid combat Dream Eater, this deck certainly has some powerful card choices. Let’s take a look at the list and jump into some matches!

3x Hostage Taker
4x Nicol Bolas, the Ravager
2x Dream Eater



2x Duress
2x Search for Azcanta
4x Lava Coil
4x Thought Erasure
2x Sinister Sabotage
2x Cry of the Carnarium
3x Disinformation Campaign
3x Bedevil
4x The Eldest Reborn

1x Island
1x Mountain
1x Swamp
3x Watery Grave
4x Drowned Catacomb
4x Blood Crypt
3x Dragonskull Summit
1x Memorial to Genius
2x Highland Lake
2x Steam Vents
3x Sulfur Falls

2x Duress
3x Negate
4x Moment of Craving
2x Sinister Sabotage
1x Cry of the Carnarium
2x Unmoored Ego
1x Hostage Taker

Having had some poor luck with mid-range style decks in best of one, I decided this week we would play best of three matches. I enjoyed getting back to some classic magic with side board options. For decks that have a healthy mix of control elements and creature beat downs, the option to sway your deck one way or the other really makes a difference in best of three.

We faced a couple interested brews this week. We saw some cool cards and interactions and I felt the matches did a good job of showcasing how this deck is looking to operate. Aside from The Eldest Reborn and Dream Eater making our curve a bit too high, I don’t think I would make many changes.

I am excited to see how this deck performs as I make my way up the best of three ranks. Stop by to check out more Grixis action.

Happy Gaming!

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