David starting playing Magic: The Gathering in 1995, opened a Lord of the Pit, and became primarily a Black player ever since. As with most older players, he has played the game on and off through the years, fully returning to the game during Return to Ravnica. He found Legacy a couple of years later and never looked back. When David is not slinging broken spells across the table, he can be found either playing video games with his kids, endlessly scrolling through TV shows with his wife, or reading and writing papers for his PhD.


Hello, my name is David King and I am a new Legacy content writer here at Strictly Average. I have played Magic off and on since 1995, and really got back into the game with Return to Ravnica. After boring of Standard, I found Legacy and have not looked back. For my first article, I decided to focus on a deck I have played almost exclusively in Legacy, U/W Stoneblade. Stoneblade is really a fair deck by Legacy standards. Its main win condition is to stick an unfair piece of equipment, such as or , attach to a creature like

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