Scott Campbell, better known as MTGPackFoils, has been playing Magic since he was 17 (which was in 1993). He’s known for loving decks such as Azorius Control, Jund, and others (especially in Modern). He is a husband, father, and a former nightclub DJ.

Hot Deck, Summer In The FNM

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Modern article. Last week I talked about Azorius Miracles in Modern, and since then we have entered a new season: Summer. This season brings a lot of things to us from violent thunderstorms, high humidity, and (perhaps what it’s best known for) intense heat. So to celebrate the beginning of the season we’re going to talk about Burn. Burn decks have been a staple in Magic since the first was cast. Players have been looking for ways to deal damage directly to their opponent, and finish them off with some cheap creatures for a

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All I Need Is A Miracle

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first article for Strictly Average. Before we begin I want to thank everyone at Strictly Average for bringing me on board, and I hope you all enjoy the content. I play Modern, Legacy, Standard, and EDH. I’ve been playing since Revised so I have a ton of Magic to talk about. However, I will be writing mostly about Modern. Today let’s talk about a sweet Modern Azorius Control deck. Yes. Azorius. Not Jeskai. Control decks have tried to maintain a foothold in Modern for quite some time now, and while one can argue that

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