Joshua is a family man and EDH player.  He started playing during fourth edition, and after a long hiatus, returned during Innistrad block.  EDH quickly became his favorite format.

Guilds of Ravnica – Top 10 Favorite Commander Cards

Hello all!  Long time reader, first time contributor here at Strictly Average MTG.  As a new set is upon us, this is the best time to review our favorite cards of the set and compare them to older staples of the format.  These are my top 10 favorite commander cards from Guilds of Ravnica.  Honorable Mention – Circuitous Route As there are so many great cards in the set, I’ll start by cheating and including a virtual number eleven, which we’ll call my Honorable Mention.  This honor goes to .  This card easily qualifies as one of the best mana

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