Cube construction

Peasant Cube on a Budget – Multicolor

Welcome back to our monthly discussion on how to set up your own Peasant cube on a budget! Today we delve into the section of the cube that I seem to enjoy putting together the most – multicolor! But Once Again, Rules First As per usual, let’s remember exactly what the rules are before we rush headlong into danger: We’re aiming to build a 360-card cube We’re going to stick to the rules of Peasant construction – only cards that have had at least one printing at a rarity of common or uncommon are legal Because we’re on a budget,

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Drafting with Woolie: Hour of Devastation

Welcome to the first installment of ‘Drafting with Woolie’. I’m a husband and a father of four with limited free time at normal hours, so playing Magic online is a great outlet for me, whether it is at 6 am or 11 pm. I started playing Magic in high school (Revised), and then switched over to Decipher Star Wars CCG when it was released, even trading the set of Antiquities I had worked hard to trade into for a set of Premier BB at one point. I met Strictly through the Discord channels and have really enjoyed being a part

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MTGO Aether Revolt Draft Video – BREAD Theory

Join me for my first Draft Video.  I attempt to apply the BREAD Theory in this draft. Feel free to give feedback on the deck, and I will make modifications and record match videos this weekend with the modified deck. Good Luck and Have Fun! Strictly IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT THE STRICTLY AVERAGE MOVEMENT, FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT OUR PATREON Jeremy BeardsleyJeremy aka “Strictly Average” is an ‘average’ guy with ‘average’ plans. He is the creator and overboss of Strictly Average Gaming, which includes the Patreon group and

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