Pitching In

I’ve been approached by many within the MTG community and beyond asking how they can help make the Strictly Average site better because they are excited about my content and my message.

The most direct way of helping out is financial support via our Patreon.

Committing MTGO cards or sealed product to Strictly Average and letting me know you saw this page on the site and I will use them for content for videos.


Supporting our patrons over at the Hall of Supporters is an easy way to support the site.  If the supporters are getting a benefit from the site, they will continue to do so. Check out their links listed with their names for links to their work or trade profiles and show them some love.

Last and most definitely not least, if you are interested in producing content or linking content please take a moment to fill out the Author Application form so that we can review your content and get in touch with you appropriately.