The Great Hunt: Book Two of the Wheel of Time

A little bit further down the rabbit hole we go:


Robert Jordan’s The Great Hunt is Book Two of the Wheel of Time series and takes place immediately after Book One, The Eye of the World. Which is good, since the end of Book One left us with plenty of questions.

Not that all of those questions get answered in Hunt. In fact, you will probably end up with more questions than answers to questions by the end of it, but they will mostly be new questions and readers can often puzzle out some of the answers themselves.


Again, Hunt begins at the end of Eye;  Moiraine, Rand and company back in Fal Dara after successfully traveling to and solving the mysteries of the Eye of the World. One of the items found there is the long elusive Horn of Valere. As you might imagine by the title, the book deals with the ramifications of the Horn being stolen and the ensuing hunt by some of the members of our merry little band.

Hunt is where Jordan’s world really begins to blossom. While there were periods of Eye that had the party separated, Hunt spends the majority of the book with people in widely different places, growing the world and learning about the history and mythos of said world. Rand, Mat and Perrin venture off after the Horn, while Egwene and Nynaeve make their way to Tar Valon to learn how to become Aes Sedai. Moiraine has a much smaller part in this book, having run off after the initial incidents to go and learn what she can, but her part in the tale is far from finished.

The main story of Hunt wraps up neatly by the end, gathering the main participants back together for one final climax that will leave the reader, if not the characters themselves, content. Jordan again delivers a complete story within his greater narrative, one that leaves the readers both satisfied but wanting more. And as this is just book two of fourteen, the Wheel is far from finished turning.

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