Strictly Eternal 101 – Hi, Yesh, My Name ish Eugene

Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of Elder Dragon Mating Habits! Or rather, a little Legacy! I’m your host Joe Dyer and this week we’ve got another midrange monstrosity to throw your eyeballs at. Since the release of Arena Rector from Battlebond, people have been brewing up lists coincidentally based around the Nic Fit shell, and of course we’ve arrived at something that somewhat actually works pretty well.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Core of the Deck

At its core, this version of Nic Fit is structured very much like a fair variant, utilizing the deck’s natural ability to cast powerful threats ahead of curve while leveraging the discard from Cabal Therapy and the utility of Green Sun’s Zenith. The major difference is the addition of the main deck Arena Rectors in addition to the planeswalker suite of Ugin, Elspeth, Nissa, and Liliana (the Super Team). With the Super Team, you can very easily cast any of these threats during the game or you can cheat out the bigger walkers off a Rector trigger.


Alongside your planeswalkers however, you have powerful threats in the form of Tireless Tracker, Thragtusk, and Archon of Valor’s Reach, giving you multiple angles of attack.

The sideboard of this variant prepares itself for the combo matchups by use of additional discard and cards like Gideon of the Trials, while having 4 Leyline of the Void for the graveyard matchups. Ensnaring Bridge gives the deck a leg up vs decks like Sneak/Show and go-wide strategies, while Carpet of Flowers gives you game against the fair blue decks like RUG Delver and Miracles.

For this deck we played 5 matches on XMage, going 3-2 in matches. Let’s take a look!

Match 1 vs DnT (2-0 WIN)

Match 2 vs Elves (2-1 WIN)

Match 3 vs Grixis Delver (2-0 WIN)

Match 4 vs DnT (0-2 LOSS)

Match 5 vs Enchantress Parallax Wave Combo (0-2 LOSS)

Post Thoughts

I really enjoyed this deck a lot. While I always enjoy Nic Fit lists, I enjoyed the different angles of attack and the sheer fun this deck has dumping an Ugin into play and watching the opponent cringe. Liliana was exceptionally good, as was Gideon and Nissa. Elspeth is also my favorite CMC 6 planeswalker, so there was a very real happy effect getting to use her. The only issue I had with the list and something I will likely look into more going forward is converting the Hymn to Tourach in the sideboard to maybe additional Thoughtseize. BB seemed like it would be easy but in the matchups you need Hymn, it felt difficult. Regardless, this was a very fun deck and I enjoy the fair + Rector package a lot.

Wrapping Up

That’s all the time we have this week folks! I’m on the hunt for something spicy! Do you have a deck you think I should try? Hit me up on Twitter or Discord and let me know!

Until next time, join me for another round of Eugene’s First Date!

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