Strictly Eternal 101 – The Antiquities War, Revamped

Howdy folks! Welcome to another installment of Jerry Springer: Urza and Mishra – Are they really Brothers?! Or rather, a little Legacy.

This week we’ve got some spice. I mean some real spice. Yes, there’s a Karn involved. But more than that, there’s THE ANTIQUITIES WAR. This list comes to us from good man Danny Batterman off Twitter, and it is spicy as all get out.

The Core of the Deck

This list is absurdly fun. Master of Etherium + Karn is gross, and Antiquities War digging through your deck while eventually making your Baleful Strixes into 5/5’s for a turn is rather dumb.


It’s pretty obvious that this deck is a control deck at heart, using its mana ramp and Chalice/Sol Land plan to lock out the opponent before making an army of dudes to swing through. Post-board it can bring in even more powerful control lock pieces, making it a very interesting and fun deck to play.

We played five matches with this list, going 1-4 overall. Let’s take a look at the matches!

Match 1 vs DnT (1-2 LOSS)

Match 2 vs Grixis Delver (0-2 LOSS)

Match 3 vs ANT (2-0 WIN)

Match 4 vs Maverick (1-2 LOSS)

Match 5 vs UB Death’s Shadow (1-2 LOSS)

Post Thoughts

Despite the performance this deck was a lot of fun to play, and getting to kill an opponent with three 5/5s off The Antiquities War was gas. Definitely an amusing deck and something that would be fun for anyone looking for something silly and brewful to play.

Wrapping Up

That’s all the time we have this week! Next time, we’re hopping off the Karn train for a little bit to dive into a deck that plays… Orcish Lumberjack??

Until next time, join me again on A Lumberjacking We Will Go!

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